MODULE 2 – Applying Lean Startup Methods and Testing Techniques

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About Module 2

The Lean Start-Up is an efficient and effective process of starting a new business. It challenges the traditional method of starting a business which is becomingly unsuitable for the current fast changing business environment.

It emphasises in undertaking the correct way of developing an idea into a viable business model using well tested PTTs. The systematic methodology emphasises testing and validating key assumptions and hypotheses regarding the key elements of a new business. In doing so, it helps wannabe business owners avoid the wasteful actions of doing the wrong things, the wrong way and at the wrong time.

Ultimately, the iterative Lean Startup approach with its emphasis on testing and validating assumptions will reduce the risks of failure and increase the probability of success of any new business startup. Carabetul methodology is based on the Lean Startup approach of starting a new business.

Participants will be exposed to the Lean Startup concept and be provided with the PTTs of how to conducts 'Tests' to validate the key business ideas.

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