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Start your right business right, the cara betul way
with Entrepreneur Journey

With the ENTREPRENEUR JOURNEY programme, we help individuals seeking to become business owners and/or entrepreneurs. We’re here to provide support for these individuals to tap their potential and realize their dreams.

Becoming a business owner and/or entrepreneur is a journey. And we aim to start you on the right path from day one.

About EJ1 : Explore & Discover

In this programme, you will practise the right way to discover you and your potential, where you will learn to prepare yourself, and your mindset in embarking a new venture in your life.

You will also learn & practice using the right processes, tools & techniques to articulate your business ideas and making the right decision on how to start your business right which enable you to increase the chances of success and decrease risk of failure.

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Getting you prepared
Practical Tools & Techniqies
Invaluable Insights
Experienced Coaches
Robust Processes
Lean Start-up Methods
Business Model Techniques

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About Carabetul

Welcome to Carabetul.com. You might be wondering what we do here at Carabetul.

At Carabetul, we help individuals seeking to kick-start their ‘life’. We are here to provide support for these individuals to tap their potential and realise their life goals.

We are driven by a single-minded mantra or ideal, the cara betul way.

It is an embodiment of these words articulated by our Founder, Abdul Razak Manaf; “Do the right things right. Do not do the right things wrong. Do not do the wrong things right. Know ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’.

The Carabetul approach is simple, where to start your ‘life’. No matter at what stage you are, you have to be sure of the path that you want to take, WHY you are taking it and that your MINDSET is ready to undertake it.

You may be starting your career, or changing career or going through a new phase of your life. Before making the decision on what you want to do or deciding on how to do it, Carabetul will show you the way for you to make that decision.

Carabetul will also show you the know-how on execute that decision that you have made, the right way.

Carabetul is a series of interactive and PRACTICAL KNOW-HOW training-coaching programme that takes you through a journey that allows you to do the right things right to achieve your life goal.

It is highly engaging with a combination of lively and thought provoking discussions. This is where we are unlike any other training programme out there.


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  • Sentiasa belajar untuk pandaikan diri. Hujung minggu lepas belajar BMC Masterclass. Tuan Razak kata, janganlah panggil Masterclass. Beliau sungguh humble walaupun telah berusia 66 tahun dan mendapat pendedahan peringkat dunia. Hakikatnya memang Masterclass. Minggu depan akan coaching 4 + 4 jam lagi bersama beliau. Kemudian Modul 2 selama sehari dan Modul 3 sehari lagi.
    Dato' Roslan Ab Hamid
    Peserta EJ 2015 (Kota Bahru)
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